Presenting Siidekick

Siidekick presents a new and fun way to interact with friends while seeing whats happening around you. This unique application becomes your own personal sidekick and opens up a world that before was out of reach. Instantly see entertaining stories, nearby events, and what ever else that may be circulating in the air. Here's your chance to capture live moments and share them with your world! Siidekick has a lot to offer and much more is to come! If you want to learn more about Siidekick's features, keep scrolling down the page or find us on the App store! DISCLAIMER: The Siidekick app is currently only available on the U.S. App Store.

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Siidekick Features

Enhance Your World

Siidekick allows you to see stories circulating around you while giving you opportunities to share your own stories.

Follow or Not to Follow

Siidekick allows you to see what's happening without following anyone. Everyone around you becomes a temporary follower.

Keep Stories Alive

Your followers are in control of how long your stories live. Liking a story resets it back to 24 hours. Think you can keep your story live for a week? Find out!

Stay Tuned!

Siidekick will soon be releasing never before seen features and designs. Don't miss the new updates!

Try It Out!

There's more to your world than you could image, so come join the action! Love Siidekick.